State Farm® – “Magic Jingle Hot Tub”

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A baseball flies through the living room window! No worries. State Farm is there to save the day with the jingle, an agent, & other fun surprises. Find out what else State Farm agents can do for you at http

Release Date: 26 March 2010 Genre: Comedy Cast: John Cusack, Chevy Chase, Lizzy Caplan, Crispin Glover, Kate Walsh Director: Steve Pink Writer: Josh Heald, Sean Anders Studio: MGM Plot: After a night of drinking Red Bull and vodkas, a group of guys travel back in time to when they were younger cads. Subscribe Now:
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  • Like a Good Neighbor, StateFarm is there, with NIBURU! *12 seconds later*

    *Requim of a Dream plays*

  • What is 4e?

  • Cant Hear This Video…

  • @FT86TT They’re better than most of the commercials you see on the TV

  • girl from 4 e is hot

  • Can I get a Hot tub

  • something tells me there are 100 disatified state farm customers watching this…0_0

  • Just stupid commercials…sick of these insurance commercials on T.V

  • @toomanymutants someone thinks he’s sexy

  • @Boccanella couldn’t agree more with you

  • AND CAN I GET A HOT TUB!!! lmao!!

  • like a good neighbor, state farm is there! With the girl from 4-E in the hot tub!

  • It’s not funny-it’s just annoying, all their commercials are stupid and annoying! I just like the girl.

  • does anyone know what the guy who says “can I get a hot tub”s name is?


  • i want a hottub :'(

  • And can i get a hot tub!! lol

  • hello

  • whos the guy in the chair?

  • @jldbamaman you for got ammo lol


  • love this commercial 0:23

  • 0:23

  • My favorite one. XD

  • Mom?

  • its like a hot tube time machine *looks at camera* LOL

  • it’s so weird that the girl is dancing at the end but there’s no music 😀

  • whats the name of the song in 0:35? anyone can say to me please ? xD

  • @ItsMarvinAbel yeah… we saw

  • RON PAUL 2012

  • “Twittagra?”

  • “Twittagra”??..
    😛 :P

  • HEy Lets Get This Party Starteed….

  • lol on the bear jumping in the hot tub

  • I fucking cant breathe ahahahahaha!! @1:10

  • Can you imagine pitching this idea……

  • @BMCBernie Who the fuck is charles and ali?

  • one of the funniest movie I saw,since long-long time 😀

  • no it doesn’t it rocks and your mom is a bigass slut. i fucked her last night oh i mean ???? years ago. reagean/nixon/carter.clinton/bush sr./lincon/ford/ or roosvelt was still presidient

  • greatttttttttttt movieeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • 1:25  ahaha hot tub time machine

  • I liked this- it has John Cusack and Chevy Chase in it 🙂 Wild Hogs meets The Hangover with time travel. Not a huge storyline and not to be taken seriously- just a great fun movie.

  • god damnit who the fuck ur texting with
    just a friend of mine
    male or fucking female?
    for your information i’ve had a lot of girlfriends hot ones
    no u had lots of boyfriends GAY ONES!!!!

  • I love this movie!

  • I need one of those, Nostalgia would be everywhere.

  • sex,drug and rock n roll never die

  • You can Find it on GetFreeMovies. org

  • @EthanakaWalter Agreed, and Tommy is the one who plays the intro, not Vince. Motley CRUE Ruled the 80s

  • this movie sucks

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