At the end of a hard day what is better than to soak away all your aches than in a Hot Tub or Spa.. I love inviting around friends and family to enjoy the relaxation of our Hot Tub the health benifits alone of a daily Hot Tub / Spa tretment is imensely satisfying and relaxing.

Choosing Your Hot Tub or Spa.

The most important consideration when buying your first Hot Tub or Spa is were you will be locating it and how big you want this feature to be, also how much you will want to spend. As there is a very flexable range of sizes and prices..

So will it be indoors or outdoors in a purpose built garden or back yard gazebo or pool side area or inside as an addition to your property. The list goes on but at the end of the day where you site your Hot Tub or Spa will be your own choice, as to how much you want to spend this will be determind by how much you can budget for..

Our own Hot Tub experience at home was with a rented Hot Tub and this worked out very reasonable and gave us a good insight into our first home hot tub and all the features and settings that came in handy when we decided to buy.

happy Hot Tub - Adriene


A Great way to relax with your own Hot Tub or Spa click the button to see an example of an affordable Hot Tub / Spa...

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